Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to Our World

8th grade Fall Extravaganza Project

Hi All!!!
I decided to start a blog about the activities that go on in art class. Why, you may say. Well, because I have seen to many really good art projects end up in the school trash because they did not fit in a book bag and I have also had parents ask me what their children have been doing in art because they have not seen anything come home. So, in response to this I have set up this place in cyberspace so parents, student, friends and family can see what we do.

I also feel that St. Helen's has so many talented students that the bulletin boards just don't give everyone justice. I am hoping to update this blog on a weekly basis through out the school year. I will also post any homework that needs to be done. This, usually, only pertains to the junior high students, and happens infrequently. But, it will be posted here in case students have lost their instructions, forgot the due date, missed class..... and the hundreds of other scenarios that may occur.

So here goes our venture into the world of blogging. Hope you stop back frequently to check out what goes on inside the art room.

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TedE said...

Hey! I like the start of your site!! I hope you continue to post & show what is going on in your art world!!!

-Ted E