Friday, September 24, 2010

Third graders are going crazy for zentangles. Each student created their own, unique bookmark using the zentangle technique of doodling. These bookmarks will be laminated and used throughout the school year.


therese english perdue said...

These are really neat! If you have a second, could you give more details on how to make them?
I'm so glad I found your blog- can't wait to see more of what you do this year! :)

Ms. Jamieson said...

Thanks Therese!! Glad you like our blog. Zentangles are so fun and easy to do. It really is a drawing technique that focuses in on shape, line and negative space. I learned them from another teacher who went to a zentangle workshop. You can find the originators of this technique on and view their gallery. I also found some wonderful video tutorials on, that are very informative and breaks it down for smaller students. Good luck and I hope you post your results. I would love to see them.